Administrative Documents Page

Apalachicola Maritime Museum & HLS Property Management, LLC

Updated 5/11/2017


The following information is for employee of the Apalachicola Maritime Museum and HLS Properties Management, LLC only.  Unauthorized use is strictly forbidden and violations will result in civil and criminal prosecution.


Click the link below to retrieve the form or information you need or right click and save to your local PC for future reference.


  1. Employee and Contractor Applications.  Print and fill out legibly then scan and send to the manager for approval and routing to Administration.  Do not start work until you have received notice that the application has been approved by Administration and you are set up on the time clock and payment system.
    1. Apalachicola Maritime Museum – Used for long term permanent and management positions at the AMM
    2. HLS Property Management, LLC – Used for non AMM employees
    3. Contractor application  - Used for short term labor and special projects
    4. Employee/Volunteer Manual (this must be printed, read and then signed on the acknowledgement page and attached to the application above)
    5. Safety Manual, Activity Hazards Analysis and other Safety Documents (Read and then signed on the acknowledgement page and attached to the application above)
  2. Employee and Contractor administrative
    1. Schedule for employees and contractors.  This contains current and next month schedule of dates and times to be worked.  See tabs for procedures, staff contacts and schedule summary by day and week.
    2. Time clock web utilities a) Clock in by email address, a) Clock in by employee number, c) Managers / Administration
    3. Pay stub password from QuickBooks opens with a password of the first four letters of the employee’s last name (all lower case) followed by the last four digits of the Social Security Number.  Examples follow.

  1. Procedural Checklists, Policies, and Forms for Visitor Center operations
    1. Procedures and forms for daily use – This loads an Excel worksheet with multiple tabs.  See the Legend tab for full description of all contents.  Use this to print procedure checklists and forms for daily operations.
    2. Procedural Manual – This manual contains an introduction to operations with mission and policy statements and a training guide for many of the commonly recurring tasks.  Word version. Tracking spreadsheet to monitor lesson and exercise completion with a separate tab by staff.
    3. Miscellaneous forms

                                               i.     Visitor Log Sheet

                                             ii.     Upcoming Events calendar

                                           iii.     Artifact Accession Record Form

                                            iv.     US Coast Guard Mate requirements for First Aid and CPR certification


    1. Wooden Boat School (WBS)

                                               i.     Inquiry Response Email Template to be used by Visitor Center staff for prompt response to all inquiries via email, phone or walk-in.  Copy in the email sent to the prospective student.  WBS Manager to undertake further follow ups afterward to answer questions and set use web store to book class at XXX

                                             ii.     Boatbuilding Class Procedures, Manual, preparation and communications.

1.     Procedures for Class Instructor – Procedures to be used by WBS Manager to be printed and checked off for each boat in preparation class. 

2.     Pre-class Email Template to be sent by WBS Manager.  Copy in the email sent to the prospective student.  This email to contain the following attachments :

a.     Class Manual for all Pygmy kayaks – Applies to all boats.  Detailed day by day instructions to be used by instructor.

b.     Boatbuilding Terms – A list of terms unique to boatbuilding

c.     Safety documents.  See links at 1.e. above

d.     AMM WBS waiver and contract forms.

3.     Packing List of materials sent by Pygmy for each class – This 16 page document shows the materials included with supplies box which is followed by a page for the wood panels for each of the 15 boats.  These are used to ensure all materials are received in good order two weeks before start of class.

4.     Supplies inventory worksheet – To be used after conclusion of each classes to inventory all tools and supplies in preparation of a replenishment order through Amazon.


  1. Trip, class and event waiver and contract documents
    1. - Manifest forms from RiverEcoLogic page.  Go to bottom for full multi passenger format used with AMM
    2. Risk and Safety acknowledgement forms for Starfish and Kayak trips. 
  2. Trip Guides .. Note : now available at new web site  This was set up to make a quicker access for use on iPad aboard vessels
    1. Starfish Enterprise consolidated trip guide

                                               i.     Replaces the following original guides, soon to be removed from this web site

1.     Estuary Tour

2.     Working Water Front

3.     St. Vincent Island Tour

    1. S/V Heritage Sail Education and Trip
    2. Paddle Trips

                                               i.     Breakaway Paddle Center to AMM docks

1.     Risk advisory and signature page, 2 pages, last updated 7/6/13

2.     Routes Map - 2 pages, last updated 7/6/13

                                             ii.     Apalachicola Waterfront and Toe Head island

1.     Risk advisory and signature page, TBD

2.     Routes Map - TBD

                                           iii.     St. George Island Bayshore Paddle Center

1.     Risk advisory and signature page, TBD

2.     Routes Map - TBD

                                            iv.     From Chattahoochee Landing to AMM docks

1.     Risk advisory and signature page, TBD

2.     Routes Map - TBD

                                             v.     Eight Day Trip from Chattahoochee to Apalachicola AMM docks

1.     Risk advisory and signature page, TBD

2.     Routes Map - TBD

    1. M/V Jean Mary paddlewheel boat trips, TBD
  1. Insurance
    1. For injuries to guests

                                               i.     From accidents at facilities, docks, Events and Wooden Boat School (WBS).  Wilshire Insurance policy CL00062432 thru 1/7/16.

1.     Incident procedure and report form

2.     Certificate of Insurance

                                             ii.     From canoe, kayak & Starfish.  K&K policy AIPO002070559700 thru 6-8-15. 

1.     Incident procedure and report form

2.     Certificate of Insurance

3.     Risk management videos

                                           iii.     From Salina48DG (soon to include Heritage & Jean Mary).  Markel American policy number CM2013780 thru 11/22/15. 

1.     Incident procedure and report form

2.     Certificate of Insurance

    1. For injuries to employees, contractors and boat crew. 

                                               i.     Worker Compensation coverage through FWCJUA / Travelers policy 6FR13UB-7D76151-1-15 thru 1-5-16. 

1.     FWCJUA-Managed Care Arrangement Handbook Employee

2.     FWCJUA-Managed Care Arrangement Handbook Employer

3.     FWCJUA-Safety Program

4.     FWCJUA-Incident Procedure and Report Form.pdf

5.     FWCJUA-Network Provider Lists

  1. Web Sites
    1. Home Pages - Public

                                               i. – The public home page of the Apalachicola Maritime Museum

                                             ii. – St. George Island Visitor Center web site maintained by AMM staff

                                           iii. - Web site of the Franklin County Tourist Development Council.

                                            iv. – The home page of RiverEcoLogic used for the whitewater kayak, canoe, bait & tackle shop and restaurant in Buford, GA

    1. Home Pages – Web Store, Public

                                               i. - The overall RiverEcoLogic Web Store

                                             ii. - The AMM Web Store

                                           iii.     Common AMM store trips.  The following are direct links that go directly to Step 3 of the booking process.  Data Load Template

1.     Museum Donations :

2.     Museum Store visit (for merchandise sales) :

3.     Estuary trip :

4.     Sunset trips :

5.     Out Islands trip (SVI&LSG) :

6.     Kayak from Museum :

7.     ZZZ Test Trip #1 :

    1. Home Pages – Web Store, Admin

                                               i. - Admin login page to the RiverEcoLocig Web Store

    1. Web Pages – Special Purpose

                                               i. – The Administrative Documents Page (this page) of the AMM for internal use by employees only

                                             ii. – Wooden Boat School (WBS) background and links to CLC kit plans, etc

                                           iii.  - Web based email for use with email domains,,  The two email accounts used for admin are as follows. 

1. – Password AMMFL

2. – Password AMMFL

3. – Password AMMFL

                                            iv.     Constant Contact – Used for newsletters to AMM members and friends

1.     Constant Contact link for new email entry - link for entry of email addresses to be added to the AMM email newsletters taken from visitor logs.  After entry of the email, select the HTML format option and then the Join button.  Use the back arrow to go back to the email entry box to enter additional emails.

2.  - Constant Contact maintenance page for newsletter development.  Requires Username and Password.  Used only by newsletter staff.

                                             v.     CPR and First aid – For use in maintaining compliance with USCG requirements for captains and mates.

    1. Home Pages – Development, review, new

                                               i. – Old public web page (note that navigation to sub menus requires editing the URL to switch “www” to “staff”)

                                             ii. - New Web Store in development

                                           iii.     Kiosk Visitor Center application

1. - Kiosk Visitor Center application user interface

2. - Kiosk login for setup page with User ID “admin” and password “123456”

3. - Visitor list